This picture of Hankins Store, taken by Delana Epperson and used with her permission, is indicative of my childhood. The store was in the curve on Hwy 14, in Oil Trough, where my grandparents lived. We drove past it once a week, as we went to visit. We frequently stopped to grab a drink on the way to or from, and watched the old men gossip on the front porch. This store has many happy memories for me, because it was there when my grandparents were young, when my daddy was young, when I was young, and then when both daughters were very young.  Photo by Delana Epperson, used with permission. Hankins Store by Delana Epperson used with permission

800px-BOYS_WITH_AIRGUN_AND_BIRD._THESE_FISHERMAN'S_SONS_LIVE_IN_BAYOU_GAUCHE,_DEEP_IN_THE_WETLANDS_OF_LOUISIANA_-_NARA_-_544194 wikicommonsThis photo is representative of my brothers, David and John. They both inflicted lots of pain on me when I was younger, and then on each other as well. My mom really needed OxiClean, which did not come out for several years. Photo from WikiCommons.


Front Street Newport Arkansas photo be Delana Epperson used with her permission

My mom and I spent Saturdays on Front Street in Newport, Arkansas. This was truly mommy/daughter time, and I remember these Saturdays fondly. The downtown area was really built up when I was y0unger and I can remember the many stores that we had, and being excited to go into them to find new treasures. Photo by Delana Epperson, used with permission.


Cropduster by Delana Epperson used with permission

My daddy was a cropduster when I was a child, and this photograph is representative of that. Each summer, he took time off to fly for his friend, and fertilize fields, or exterminate “yellow moths” that liked to eat soybeans. Daddy loved to fly, and I just remember how happy he was when he got to spend the day in a plane. It was a deep contrast to later years, when he could no longer fly, due to open heart surgery, and therefore was very sad. Photo by Delana Epperson, used with permission.


Newport_Bridge_(Arkansas) wikicommons.jpg

This bridge is the “blue bridge” over the White River on Hwy 14 in Newport. The road leads to Oil Trough, and also to Bradford on the “old highway”. Many was the time we crossed this bridge, either to Oil Trough to see my grandparents, or to Russell, to see my uncle. This bridge terrified me as a small child, as my dad threatened to jump off of it once. I blame this bridge for my fear of heights now. Photo from WikiCommons.


1280px-Boeken_Kringloop_Woerden_02 wikicommons

Through everything above, books have played an important role in my life. No matter what has happened in my life, I have had a book in my hand, grounding me and keeping me happy. Books make sense to me when the rest of the world does not. Photo from WikiCommons.

I am a daddy’s girl (cropduster photo), a small town girl (Hankins Store), a baby sister (photo of two brothers), a mama’s girl (Front Street photo), a scaredycat (bridge), and a book lover (book photo).